Đường LG Khu Công Nghiệp Tràng Duệ Hải Phòng

Đường LG Khu Công Nghiệp Tràng Duệ Hải Phòng Đường LG Khu Công Nghiệp Tràng Duệ Hải Phòng
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Đường LG Khu Công Nghiệp Tràng Duệ Hải Phòng

SaiGon – HaiPhong Industrial Park Corporation (“SHP”) was established on 13thNovember, 2007 and is owner of Trang Due Industrial Park – HaiPhong City.

 SHP is a joint stock company with majority shareholder is KinhBac City Development Holding Corporation (90% capital), and also is a member of Saigon Invest Group - One of the group leader in the field of investment, management and construction of infrastructure industrial zones and urban in Vietnam. Nowaday, the group is coordinating and managing over 20 Industrial Zones all the country

Trang Due Industrial Park planned with a total area of ​​600 ha construction in the model of a modern architectural ensemble includes: Industrial Park - Urban - The entertainment and services.

The project is divided into 2 parts:

       - 400 ha Industrial Park consists of 2 phases:

                   Phase 1: 200 ha (industrial land)

                   Phase 2: 200 ha (industrial land)

        - Urban Services 200 ha

Currently, Trang Due Industrial Park was completed clearance Phase 1 and completed basic infrastructure of industrial park. In addition, Industrial Park has also initiative built 15 factory  with an area of 4400m2 - 5800m2 to serve the different project of investors.

On June 27th , 2013, a grand event to mark important with Industrial Park, the Prime Minister signed the approved boundary expansion Dinh Vu - Cat Hai Economic Zones cover the entire 400ha land of Trang Due Industrial Park. Since 15th August, 2013, Trang Due Industrial Park officially became part of the Economic Zone, the investment business in the industrial park will enjoy the preferential policies of Vietnam government for application to Economic Zone.

Consecutively good news, LG Group has committed to invest a "production complexes" with a total investment capital for the life of the project is 1.5 billion USD, bringing the total number of investors in Trang Due Industrial Part on the number 22, and the occupancy rate of phase 1 to 70% of the Industrial Park.

 Along to the process of attracting industrial investments in phase 1, SHP continues to expension phase 2 of Trang Due Industrial Park. Planning and investment procedures basically completed, expected in the end of 2014 SHP will complete the clearance, land availability for domestic and foreign investors to invest in Trang Due Industrial Park.

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